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Fox’s date (a supermodel for a very prestigious modeling firm) apparently wanted to bring Fox over to where she used to work. Only when they arrive does he realize that before modeling she was a stripper, at an especially high-end venue. Her former workmates thought Fox was, and he quoted, «absolutely adorable». Falco is described as being «reverent» of the job Fox’s date did on him. Deviantart artist Nintendomaximus (AKA Froggo Fan 64) has several drawings of various cartoon pairings that demonstrate this trope, of which this one is his most popular. This Homestuck fanart of Eridan and Feferi. The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: Danny ends up being covered in kisses by some of his dates. Kitty Pryde covers him in kisses after their date ends. Danny’s pretty smitten with her as a result. Katie Kaboom from Animaniacs kisses him repeatedly, though Danny is more in shock since this is a girl he wants to stay away from.

ZUCKERBERG: Well, Mr. Chairman, I think we’ve evolved quite a bit as a company. When I started it, I certainly didn’t think that we would be the ones building this broad of a community around the world. I thought someone would do it. I didn’t think it was going to be us. So we’ve definitely grown. WALDEN: And — and you’ve recently said that you and Facebook have not done a good job of explaining what Facebook does. And so, back in 2012 and 2013, when a lot of this scraping of user and friend data was happening, did it ever cross your mind that you should be communicating more clearly with users about how Facebook is monetizing their data? I understand that Facebook does not sell user data, per se, in the traditional sense, but it’s also just as true that Facebook’s user data is probably the most valuable thing about Facebook. In fact, it may be the only truly valuable thing about Facebook.

Pitt died in 2019, but the influence of her artistry and of Asparagus in particular are undeniable in the fields of experimental animation, visual art, and film to the extent that a community formed in her orbit over the years. In a remembrance, her friend and fellow animator Julie Zammarchi recalled asking her deep «questions about art and life» over the years, which Pitt never shied away from. «No subject was off limits or too personal,» Zammarchi said. A film roughly 30 years in the making, French animator Paul Grimault and poet Jacques Prévert’s adaptation of a tale by Hans Christian Andersen probably felt like a bizarre piece of history even upon its release in 1979. What began in 1948 as The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, loosely based on Andersen’s fairy tale of the same name, was released unfinished in 1952 (as The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird in English-language markets) without the approval of either Grimault or Prévert.

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Two months later, under Waldman’s guidance, Depp filed his lawsuit against the Mandels. The suit claimed that Depp wasn’t given monthly financial statements and often was presented only a signature page to sign for transactions. The suit further alleged that — in addition to the $7 million given to his sister Christi — TMG had cost Depp $6 million in tacked-on fees by paying his IRS taxes late for 13 years straight. Depp accused TMG of taking out $34 million in loans in his name as a result of mismanagement, with the final straw being a $12.5 million «hard money» loan engineered by his longtime attorney Jake Bloom in 2014, at 10 percent interest. The loan stipulated Christi’s, Bloom’s and the Mandels’ fees would be paid before loan repayments and definitely before Depp saw a dime of residuals from his Pirates of the Caribbean series. Depp’s lawyers argued that the hard-money loan, taken through the financial firm of Grosvenor Park, was an illegal inside deal because Bloom had a prior relationship with Grosvenor.

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