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Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 186 (2): 501-528. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zly064. Stockdale, Maximilian T.; Benton, Michael J. (7 January 2021). «Environmental drivers of body size evolution in crocodile-line archosaurs». Gatesy, Jorge; Amato, G.; Norell, M.; DeSalle, R.; Hayashi, C. (2003). «Combined support for wholesale taxic atavism in gavialine crocodylians» (PDF). Holliday, […]

Mazzotti, Frank J. Structure And Function

Fox’s date (a supermodel for a very prestigious modeling firm) apparently wanted to bring Fox over to where she used to work. Only when they arrive does he realize that before modeling she was a stripper, at an especially high-end venue. Her former workmates thought Fox was, and he quoted, […]

Covered In Kisses — TV Tropes

This method is designed to pick up not only RAD but also the proposed new alternative categories of disorders of attachment. Abuse can occur alongside the required factors, but on its own does not explain attachment disorder. It has been suggested that types of temperament, or constitutional response to the […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder